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20/10 MSDS Partner Program

MSDS Partner Program
  • MSDS Partner Opportunity
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Online MSDS Management Made Simple for Less
IMTEK is seeking select qualified EHS partners that can benefit from marketing our best in class Online MSDS Management Solution. This is a robust system that handles the complexities of managing MSDSs as well as product information and videos. With our latest Cloud Computing Technology you have no software, no risk, just simple reliable online MSDS management that is intuitive and user friendly. It will help your customers comply with Hazcom regulations while reducing risk and cost.

We Want to Partner with EHS Consultants & Companies
We are interested in partnering with qualified EHS Consultants and EHS Companies to market our Online MSDS Management Solution along with our Online EHS, Training, Sustainability and Carbon Footprinting Solutions. Our market leading solutions will enable you to expand your portfolio with no investment while enjoying lucrative margins. This is a fast way to boost your revenue with unique products in a tough economy.

What are your Incentives to become an IMTEK EHS Partner?
Participants in our prestigious IMTEK 20/10 MSDS Partner Program will receive above average profits and residual income. Partners will receive a generous 20% profit for the first year and 10% recurring profit for the life of the each customer. As an illustration, for only 50 new customers, this will be $17,500 for the first year, $52,500 for 5 years and $96,250 for 10 years. Please refer to the Potential Income Table for further earning illustrations. Now imagine what your revenue will be as you build your customer base.

Furthermore, IMTEK EHS Partners will also be given the opportunity to market our other Online Solutions such as Online EHS Management, Online Corporate Sustainability Reporting Management and Online Carbon Footprint Solutions. This will enable you to offer one of the largest comprehensive portfolios of Online EHS and Sustainability Solutions available today using state of the art Cloud Computing Technology.

We are also committed to providing our EHS Partners and their Customers with world class support. We will support your presales efforts by working closely with you and your customers every step of the way. We will continue to support your customers with post sales support such as transitioning, start-up, training and other on-going support at no extra cost. Our goal is to help you get customers and keep them so you can continually profit year after year from residual income.

Getting Started
We have identified you as a qualified company to join the prestigious IMTEK 20/10 EHS Partner Program that is designed for performance, success and high residual income. We would like to invite you to participate in this lucrative program that will only be offered to a select group of EHS consultants and companies and for a limited time. Please complete our Information Request Form, email or call us to get the ball rolling. We will process your application immediately and get back to you personally to help get you started right away.

Potential Income for EHS Partners

20% First Year; 10% Each Additional Year

# Customers $ First Year Income 20% $ Additional Year Recurring Income 10% $ Total Income for 3 Years $ Total Income for 5 Years $ Total Income$for 10 Years
25 Customers 8,750.00 4,375.00 17,500.00 26,250.00 48,125.00
50 Customers 17,500.00 8,750.00 35,000.00 52,500.00 96,250.00
75 Customers 26,250.00 13,125.00 52,500.00 78,750.00 144,375.00
100 Customers 35,000.00 17,500.00 70,000.00 105,000.00 192,000.00

Dollars earned based on percentage of second tier contract rate of $1,750.00/ year. Results will vary depending upon total no. of documents loaded


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